Singapore-the best place to spend your holiday


When the word Singapore comes in my mind, I lose it. Singapore is an exceptional blend of the ancient and present. Singapore has several tourist sites, malls, clubs as well as an outstanding cultural festival. Book your ticket and head to Singapore and enjoy an exceptional experience of your lifetime. Located in the southeast of Asia, Singapore is a gorgeous town, where tourist can enjoy their holiday with fewer disturbances. Singapore has incredible sites that are so appealing to every individual, be it old or young, male or female. Tourists who wish to visit Singapore have nothing to worry about because getting Singapore visiting permit is so straightforward. What’s more, you will only incur fewer expenses to get you visa ready.

When you land in Singapore, you’ll be surprised on how beautiful Changi International Airport looks. As a matter of fact, Changi International Airport is ranked among the finest airport globally. Trust me, on arrival to Singapore, you will regret why you never came to Singapore before. Singapore has extraordinary natural sceneries as well as friendly people. When you arrive at the port, the Singaporean populace will always be available to lead to whatever destination you wish to visit and the hotel.

There a lot of things you will take account of on your trip Singapore for instance shopping, wildlife, beaches, casinos, historical sites as well as the Singaporean rich culture. The calm atmosphere in Singapore, incredible hospitality, friendly nature of the people in Singapore will make you love Singapore to the root. When you have finally settled on visit Singapore, make sure you also take a sneak peak of Malaysia; I guess you will never regret. Malaysia is only a few miles from Singapore. In fact, they are neighbors; Singapore and Malaysia are southeast nations of Asia. Visiting both countries on your tour will be incredible mileage in your life. Travel between Malaysia & Singapore can be easily done by bus. There are many bus companies like Billion Stars, D Amour, Economy Express, Era Mesra, Jengka Liner, KPB Express, Persada Travel, Plusliner, Sri Maju, Supernice Grassland, Susanthika Enterprise and Transnasional from Singapore or Malaysia that provide such service. From Kuala Lumpur there are numerous routes that you can take by bus to travel around.

That said than done, it will also be very much affordable for any tourist who wishes to crisscross both countries in one holiday. One week or so is enough for you traverse across the Malaysia as well as Singapore. It will not only give you a glimpse of what the Southeast Asia is all about, it will help you understand as well as experience what both countries can offer.

You can traverse from Singapore to Malaysia by road or even by air. However, it is prudent to use the road because you will be able to enjoy the exceptional climate, natural sceneries as well as different delicacies. All these countries have incredible road network as well as tour guides. So you do not need to worry about anything.

When planning for your next tour to Singapore, make sure that you plan it in advance. Make early booking of the best hotel that you will be spending your entire holiday. Additional, ensure that you inform the authority about the place you will be visiting during your trips. It will help you and the authority to plan well. Take your trip to Singapore today!

Holiday in Batam

The small island of Indonesia located amidst the South China Sea is Batam. If you travel to Singapore on your next holidays, you can pay a visit to this island as well. It is only a short ferry ride away. You will definitely enjoy the ride as well.

Batam is mostly famous for its ports which are mostly busy throughout the year, taking advantage of the fact that Batam is a trade free zone. Hence, you can just fill your bags with duty-free shopping to your heart’s content.

Then there is the electrifying nightlife and the soothing beaches to provide you the charm and enjoyment that your tour deserves. Activities like parasailing, jet skiing, and golf are pretty common in these parts.


Now that you are certain of what to look for in Batam, you must know your way to travel in from Singapore. You shall be enthralled with the comfortable service that you will get from the Habourfront ferry to batam as you get to know a bit more in details about this mode of transportation.

From Habourfront you might choose to arrive at any of the three locations in Indonesia; Batam Center, Sekupang (Batam), Harbourbay (Batam). If your destiny is Batam Center, you will have ferry options starting at 8 in the morning till 9:50 at night. SINDO Ferry Pte Ltd and Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd are the two companies that offer these ferry services. Whereby if your destination is from Singapore to Bintan, check out their schedule online first before you book it. There are ferries during this time period almost at an interval of 10 to 50 minutes. While Sindo Ferry charges around 23 Singapore dollars for a ride per person, the equivalent rate for Majestic Fast Ferry is 22 SGD.

The options get reduced to a large extent if you choose Sekupang as your destination of arrival. You will only get the service from Majestic Fast Ferry Company and that too only twice a day. The first one departs at 8:45 in the morning while the next one is at 9:45 a.m. The capacity is of 10 persons and the rate is 22 SGD. The third and last arrival destination for you in Indonesia via ferry from habourfront might be the HarbourBay.

There are ample services for this route as well, though, the number of companies providing the services is singular. Horizon Fast Ferry company provides a capacity of 10 persons and a rate of 18 Singapore Dollars. They have their services starting from 8:15 in the morning till 9:35 at night.

Now that you know about the various ferry options, you can just relax and make your travel plans. You need not worry regarding the booking of your tickets as is there to serve your purpose. Plan wisely and according to your comforts, then you can make use of the simple steps of to book your ferry seats and seal you plans well in time before others.

Natural Beauty of Kuantan

Kuantan’s natural beauty has appalled several tourists to visit it for once. The 
cascading waterfall offers sensational views to its tourists. Some of the most 
premier waterfalls in Kuantan are Sungai Pandan Waterfall, Sungai Berkelah 
Waterfall, Jerangkang Waterfall etc. Tourists prefer to experience the natural 
beauty of such waterfalls as they prefer to bath along the cold cascading water 
which provides a sense of satisfaction & relief. Tourists working in big cities with 
bustling office goers all around should come down to Kuantan in order to relieve 
them off the work pressures along with tension. Kuantan provides such beautiful 
atmosphere for tourists that it unwinds them completely. Most of the hotels & 
resorts in Kuantan provide body massaging & spa services to their guests as 
complementary offers along with their reasonably priced tour packages. 
You can also hire bus singapore KL too for your travel purpose.
Tourists with their families visiting Kuantan prefer to visit popular parks in Kuantan 
namely Teruntum Mini Zoo, Gambang Safari Park, Agriculture Park at Indera 
Mahkota, Gelora Park etc. These parks in Kuantan provide some of the exquisite 
experience as compared to other places. Vacationers love such places as it ideally 
suits for picnic, outdoor games, food &  chit chat with friends & famiy. 
The Timan Geory is one of the favorite destinations among the tourists as they can 
walk, stroll or enjoy while viewing the magnificent South China Sea. It is known for 
its jetty services offering tours to its tourists along the river. These small tours in 
Kuantan generate revenue of unsalable amounts. Other than boat rides, these 
magnificent parks provide various outdoor games such tennis, futsal, soccer, volley 
ball etc. 
The State Mosque of Kuantan is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kuantan, 
Pahang with its beautiful architecture mesmerizing thousands of tourists visiting it. 
People visiting the state mosque admire its breauty along with its capacity to hold 
thousands of people for workship. 
One of the most attractive & thrilling places in Malaysia is Sungai Lembing as it 
houses some of the deepest underground tin mines. Families with kids prefer to 
visit Sungai Lembing again & again as its entrance involves hanging bridge which 
creates a feeling of thrill among the tourists visiting Sungai Lembing in Kuantan. 
This hanging bridge provides access to narrow entrance at the base. 
Another thrilling & adventurous sport in Kuantan, Pehang, Malaysia is its theme 
park – Bukit Gambang Resort City(BGRC) which offers exclusive rides to its guests. 
Kids visiting the Gambag Water park are filled with sheer joy as it offers multiple 
attractions such as Wave pool in Coco Beach, Penguin Island, Tree Top hill sides. 
Families along with kids are often seen enjoying the splashing water. Some prefer 
to go towards Penguin Island while others enjoy the rides on their own. It is the 
largest theme park resort in whole Malaysia. Its area is spread over twenty 
thousand square feet pools along with 17.1 acre lake. Some prefer to explore the 
Gunung Tapis which is the highest peak in Malaysia while some prefer to visit 
reclining Buddha in Charah Cave. Overall, Kuantan proves to be the best 
destination among all other.